Welcome Megan Quick

Jul 6, 2023 | Practice

Megan Quick is the newest member of the Odimo team, joining the studio in June. She brings a unique skill set and a range of design experience that fills the hybrid role of an Interiors Intern & Marketing Coordinator.

With a background in marketing and graphics, Megan has years of experience creating engaging solutions and award-winning graphic design. Through this multi-disciplinary perspective, she focuses on ongoing marketing efforts that help to build and maintain the voice of Odimo.

Megan also spends a portion of her time at Odimo as an interiors intern working to develop creative solutions for projects and integrating fresh perspectives. She will be finishing up her final semester of the Interior Architecture Program at KU School of Architecture & Design in the Spring of 2024.  

Megan was drawn to Interior Design for the opportunity to create a meaningful impact on human experiences within spaces. She has a passion for environmental graphics and visually telling stories, bridging the gap between interior design, visual communication, and architecture. She is excited to expand her design skills while contributing to meaningful project work at Odimo.

Outside of the studio, Megan stays busy working on house projects, exploring the latest local spots, and spending time outdoors with her dogs.

Odimo is excited to further our Interior Design practice with Megan’s Environmental Graphics experience. And – be on the look-out as she helps increase our marketing and communications efforts.  Welcome Megan!