Retail Architecture and Branding Collaboration | Simple Science Juices

March 23, 2017

We have built a strong relationship through design collaboration with our client Simple Science Juices and their branding consultant FLOC5, resulting in the freedom to propose new ideas and refine current ones as we support their expanding company.

Cold-pressed and locally made, Simple Science Juices provides Kansas City with nutritional on-the-go options. Their high quality, innovative product line of cold-pressed juices has been well received and the company is growing. We are lucky to have been working with them over a year now, beginning with their second location at 1914 Main in the Crossroads District of Kansas City Missouri. Over the last year we have refined and evolved the initial design concepts, as seen in the Brookside neighborhood store, also in Kansas City, and the recently opened Village Pointe location in Omaha, Nebraska.


Start Scalable

A fresh, quality brand image has been integrated from the beginning through our collaboration with FLOC5, providing a customer experience on par with the quality of the Simple Science Juices product. Through the evolution of the architecture and brand concepts in these first stores, we have established a kit of parts that is now scalable. The next two locations will be a micro grab and go concept, and are currently under construction at Corbin Park in Overland Park, Kansas and at Beverly Hills Plaza in Omaha. This design is meant to flex, to become hyper local with each neighborhood expansion while maintaining the unique feel of the Simple Science brand.


Customer Experience

Simple Science Juices mission is ‘to inspire wellness and support customers with busy lives achieve optimal health.’ With customer education and support as a key focus of the company, the stores were designed with the point of sale clearly aligned with the entry. Each customer is greeted with a hello, and the offer for a sample or assistance in selecting the right product. This one-on-one relationship with the customer was considered in the plan flow of each store and then modeled in 3D see the virtual perspective of the customer. From there we applied the location of focal points for branding, color, and displays.


Design Quality

Retail architecture, particularly food service, must be fresh, unique to the brand, but also durable and maintainable. With a focus on budget, we selected minimal materials in order to use the highest quality in the application of simple, sustainable design elements. We worked with construction side of FLOC5 Build to collaborate with local KC woodshop, Materia, to develop the point of sale and tables in the Brookside and Village Pointe stores. As Simple Science Juices continues to expand and evolve, we are adding additional materials where appropriate, including stained alder wood and a classic white subway tile.


Simple Science Juices, Crossroads, 1914 Main St, Kansas City, MO

Odimo + FLOC5, built by Centric. Photographed by Mike Sinclair.

Simple Science Juices, Brookside, 112 W. 63rd St.

Odimo, in collaboration with FLOC5 Build. Photographed by Mike Sinclair.

Brand elements are maintained and applied in new ways to fit each space. The unique qualities of the space and neighborhood shine, while keeping a strong focus on brand experience through consistent materials.


A clean modern aesthetic lets the color of the juice be the focus.

  • Warm wood elements
  • Black + white backdrop
  • ‘Beaker’ lights
  • Integrated planters


Brand elements are consistent in each store

  • ‘Let Food by thy Medicine’ quote above cooler
  • Logo wall at point of sale
  • Breadboard elements
  • Instagram wall
  • Community education


With selection of the right materials and application of simple elements, the Simple Science Juices brand is scalable and durable for the expansion of this innovative company. Through collaboration and constant communication, we are helping them grow and continue their success.

Simple Science Juices, Village Pointe, Omaha, Nebraska

Odimo, in collaboration with FLOC5 Build. Photographed by FLOC5