Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building


DATE: 2015-2021    ROLE: Associate Architect in Collaboration with Burns and McDonnell    COST: $220M   SIZE: 265,000 SF

Odimo (teamed with Burns & McDonnell and LSY Lab Planning) served as Associate Architect for this 265,000 sf medical research complex. The NextGen Building brings together the School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, and the School of Engineering to advance research and place the University of Missouri in the position to lead in the development of precision medicine of orthopedics, cardiology, geriatrics, and public health. The interdisciplinary facility with state-of-the-art instrumentation provides high quality laboratory and collaborative space to do basic and translational interdisciplinary, medical science. The new facility is located on the main campus within walking distance of existing health care facilities, as well as medical and engineering educational & research buildings. Labs are not designed for any specific researcher, but instead provide an adaptable pallet of space and services to allow programs to grow, change, retool, and restart.

Translational medicine brings researchers and clinicians together in a multi-disciplinary, collaborative setting supported by advanced technology and data analysis tools. The NIH has identified translational medicine research as a major focus for grant funding. The NextGen Precision Health Building integrates multidisciplinary laboratory space with advanced analytical instrumentation, computational processing, and pilot scale manufacturing under one roof. This provides the platform needed for integration of biomedical, electrical, bio molecular, mechanical, and industrial engineering with both veterinary and human medicine.