Luzier Cosmetics Building Restoration

screenland development  | KANSAS CITY, MO


DATE: 2017-2018    ROLE: Architecture    COST: $800,000     SIZE: 25,000 SF

Originally designed in 1928 by female architect Nelle Peters, the Luzier Special Formula Laboratories Building had been vacant for the last 20 years. Odimo, in partnership with Historic Preservationist Cydney Millstein, restored the historic facade with the meticulous replacement of the casement and industrial pivot windows, repair of the historic brick and terra cotta facade, and replacement of the Spanish tile mansard roof.

The interior of the building is a flexible business co-working space for small and growing companies. Suites range from 400-800 sf and utilize a centrally shared kitchen, meeting, and office amenity space. Almost exclusively women-owned tenants have found the Luzier Building to be a home for success by invigorating this area of the city with original retail and restaurant offerings. 


  • Historic Kansas City Best Renovation of the Year, 2020
  • Kansas City Business Journal, Capstone, 2021