Creekside Apartments & Townhomes 

housing competition | ames, ia

DATE: 2021    ROLE: Architecture    COST: UNBUILT     SIZE: 30 Units

Through a design competition for affordable housing in Ames, Iowa, Odimo was selected as a part of the overall development team to provide the design and construction services.

The development is a combination of 2 bed and 3 bed units with a mix of townhome and apartment building typologies. Through coordination with the city council and the city residents, it was noted that density along Tripp Street was a major priority as this will coordinate with adjacent housing developments already planned along the axis. Other key points of focus were balancing construction cost, green space, and a max affordable housing units count.

Through the evolution of the project, and in reaction to rising construction costs in recent years, the site approach and unit mix has been fine tuned to the 30-unit development shown. Community iteration is of high importance, highlighted through the integration of a first floor community amenity space, outdoor gathering opportunities, and semi-private/semi-public front and back stoops / unit balconies.