New Emerging Design Talent

Jul 27, 2022 | Practice

We’re excited for the energy and ideas these new emerging design leaders are already bringing to our office this summer. Meet our latest hires:

José Moreno, Academic Intern
José Moreno joined the Odimo team this summer for his first architectural internship. We have found him to be an ambitious, highly motivated contributing member of our team. José is currently an architecture student at The University of Kansas where he is set to earn his Master of Architecture in 2023. His enthusiasm towards learning has earned him a Kansas City Architectural Foundation scholarship 4 years in a row.

From a young age, his family inspired him to begin the work toward his goal of a creative career that simultaneously gave back to his community. Growing up, he made personal sacrifices and strategic decisions to prepare for his future. A studious and driven person, he will be the first member of his family to earn a college degree.

At Odimo, José is integrated into many projects. His passion is to learn more about Affordable Housing and community projects with an eye towards designing spaces that work to improve people’s lives and communities. In addition to refining design skills, he hopes to learn from Odimo about the business side of architecture and the work that goes into running a design firm.

Helen Trice, Architectural Designer
Helen Trice joined Odimo this summer after graduating from Drury University with a Master of Architecture and a Minor in Fine Arts. During her time at Drury, Helen won the Hammons School of Architecture Librarium Honor Prize in recognition of the Most Distinguished Studio Project two years in a row. She won further accolades when her collaborative team placed second at the AIA Central States Student Design Competition in 2021.

With an eye towards detailing and client engagement, we have already seen Helen’s skills come through in the variety of projects she is working on at Odimo. Helen designs from a place where spirit becomes tangible and the whimsical is functional. Inspired by integrity and compassion, she reflects the energy of people into a space by understanding client goals through a creative and unconventional lens. She firmly believes that through architecture we can address humanitarian and political issues.

Ever the artist, Helen is moved by the unique and unorthodox work of Louis Kahn. She hopes her own work exudes a vivid sense of timelessness and the unexpected. “I use the square to begin my solutions,” Khan said, “because the square is a non-choice. In the course of development, I search for the forces that would disprove the square.”