How We’re Helping a 20-year-old Fixture Transform (it includes tomatoes)

Sep 16, 2022 | Practice

The Brookside Farmers’ Market (BFM) may be moving! Where? We’ll have to wait and see. 

The Farmer’s Market was located at Border Star Montessori for 20 years, but the Covid-19 pandemic brought the need for relocation. In partnership with project lead Confluence, Odimo was engaged to lead the BFM leadership through a Feasibility Study including community engagement, future site vetting, and cost analysis. We evaluated the merits of 3 future locations: HJ’s Community Center (its current location), Downtown Brookside and the Sam Miller Coach Building near 54th & Troost. 

The Chance to Dream
With change comes an opportunity for transformation. Over the course of several workshops and at Saturday market informational sessions, Brookside Farmer’s Market farmers and patrons gathered to dream about what their ideal space might look like. Primary must-haves were identified: 50 permanent market stalls for year-round access, ample parking and sustainable design. Aspirational ideas: a demonstration kitchen, pet accommodations and a green space. 

Sustainable Things First
Through USDA grant funding (Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant) the study allowed the Confluence + Odimo team to explore sustainable design opportunities including: 

  • Native plantings to reduce heat island effect and water needs 
  • Solar panels 
  • Recycled building materials 
  • Car-charging stations 
  • Water reuse strategies 

The Future of BFM
BFM now has a unified vision for their next steps. They are currently in the hunt for the right partnerships and opportunities to make this vision a reality. And we know this: with any of these options, you’ll be able to buy organic produce, bite into a juicy peach, chat with neighbors in the shade, and take home the perfect tomatoes for BLTs. Interested in making a connection? Contact the Market Manager Kyra Gross at 

Why Odimo was the Way to Go
The Feasibility Study was a natural fit for the Confluence + Odimo team because we have experience listening to our clients’ wants and needs first, then tailoring the design to meet their needs. Our client’s purpose inspires our design ideas. 

And one of our favorite parts of this study: Baked goods and sampling the farmers’ delicious, fresh produce in the meetings. Farmers are the best clients!