How Can You Best Serve Your Students?

The university environment must balance durability, quality, and cost while providing uplifting spaces to improve your student experience. We assist university leaders in building consensus around the right idea to make the best investment for your campus, for now and for generations.

Since 2016, the team has completed nearly 50 university projects ranging from major programming efforts for significant campus buildings, to campus master planning, specialty laboratory design, student success centers, arts/theater spaces, office renovations, and classroom remodels.

students sitting in contemporary study lounge

University of Missouri – Kansas City | On Call, 30+ Small Renovation Projects

University of Missouri – Kansas City | School of Computing + Engineering Program

University of Missouri – Kansas City | Campus Masterplan

University of Missouri | NextGen Precision Health Program

University of Missouri Heath Care | Children’s Hospital

Wichita State University | On Call Renovations

University of Alabama | Nott Hall Vivarium Study

University of Alabama | Russell Hall BSL-2 Renovation

University of Kansas | Chi Omega Gateway Study

University of Kansas | Hall Center for the Humanities Expansion Study

Columbia College | Center for Diversity & Inclusion Study

Missouri S&T | Schrenk Hall Vivarium + Lab Renovations

University of Central Missouri | Library Renovation