About Odimo

Odimo is a vision-driven architecture and interior design practice with a focus on higher education, laboratories, affordable housing, and select commercial work in the urban core. Established in 2015, Odimo has quickly achieved early success as a new business model for architectural practice – serving as a true strategic partner to our clients as their project champion.


Odimo was founded in 2015 by Amy Slattery, a registered architect with two decades of experience on some of the most notable projects in the Kansas City region. With experience in ground-breaking high design and sustainability, combined with engineering-based project management, Amy established Odimo to serve clients with a vision-focused approach.

Our Team

  • Amy Slattery
    Founder / CEO

    Amy Slattery, AIA is the Founder and CEO of Odimo, a growing architecture practice based in Kansas City, Missouri. She is an entrepreneur, …

  • Project Manager

    Julia believes that successfully managing a project requires her to ‘learn the language’ of her clients so that she can fully dive in, understand …

  • Senior Designer

    Charlie has had the opportunity to design and work on an array of project types including corporate offices, retail, breweries, restaurants, medical facilities, single …

  • Designer

    Rachelle is a thoughtful, creative interior designer. With a background as a working artist in Kansas City for 14 years, she brings an element …

  • Odimo

    Emily creates studies and diagrams to explore ideas for multiple projects in the office. As a project designer, she combines her critique for …