What Do You Want to Build Today?

We’re a great teammate. From local architect of record, sustainable strategies and implementation, owner’s technical consulting, to masterplanning; we bring leadership, energy, ideas and tools to advance your next new thing.



How Can You Best Serve Your Students?

The university environment must balance durability, quality, and cost while providing uplifting spaces to improve your student experience. We assist university leaders in building consensus around the right idea to make the best investment for your campus, for now and for generations.

University of Kansas
University of Missouri – Kansas City
University of Missouri – Columbia*
Duke University*
University of Alabama*
Missouri State University*
University of California – Los Angeles*



How Can We Grow Together?

Mixed use, people-centered environments maximize the value of your commercial investment. We create high-impact memorable experiences for your customers to come back to again and again. You are now, and we make sure everyone else knows it.

Butch Rigby
Bear Real Estate
PrairieFire Development
JVM Realty Corporation
Lincoln Property Company
Simple Science Juices
Qualia Threads
Timberland Partners
Linden Street Partners
Landworks Studio



What’s Your Foundation?

Tell us how you live, what you love most about your current home and what you dream about. We give you space that works for your way of living and creates unexpected bliss. Life starts here. What is more important than that?

PrairieFire Development
JVM Realty Corporation
Lincoln Property



What Are You About to Discover?

We design spaces where your research is the focus, not the building that houses it. Integration of your process with the interface of systems, building, and lab are fine tuned with the details of casework, equipment and appropriate finishes. The result? Highly functional, safe, and inspiring spaces for you to advance your work.

Qualia Threads
Fresenius Kabi*
Boehringer Ingelheim*
Akorn Pharmaceuticals*

* work done while with another firm.